Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Visa Application: Submitted

Back from our lightning-quick run up to Edmonton.  We took off later than we would've liked due to a trip to the mediclinic that lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes, in part because at one point the doctor didn't realize he had my chart (sigh) and because I had to wait at the rental car place for them to bring me something smaller than an Explorer to take on the trip.  We ended up getting an Impala, which was nice for me, since this is the car I learned to drive on.  Also, the seats were much more comfortable than the Kia Soul's that we drove while on our summer vacation in July this year.

We had a quick visit with Tim's sister when we got in and then, next morning, we drove downtown to the office where our fingerprints were scanned.  We had to explain to the people handling our applications that we did not in fact need to submit supporting financial and/or academic documents (which changed in April and July).  Our applications should have reached Ottawa today.  Fingers crossed that our visas go through without a hitch.  A co-worker of Tim's, who's going to be studying at the London School of Economics for an Master's in Politics next year (and thus will be one of two people that we actually know in the country) said her application arrived in Ottawa on Friday and, today, she had an e-mail saying the visa had been granted!  I hope ours go through that quickly.  I'm getting anxious to book our flights.


So that's done.  I had a very creatively and intellectually productive day today, which was lovely.  I put in two hours on my novel (I've now finished going through the first twelve chapters of my novel, of which Chapters 10 through 12 underwent a fair bit of reworking.  I can now speed on through the last eight chapters, which encapsulate the really exciting bits and, I think, need less work).  I also worked for at least an hour on my academic paper, which was nice.  Except that the bold red pen I use for recording quotations had sprung a leak and, after staining three of my fingers red, had to be sent to an early grave in a garbage can.  Alas.

Hoping for an equally productive day tomorrow, with French and Latin added to the mix.  I'd like to improve my French reading abilities and get my Latin back to where it was at the end of the two beginner courses I took five years ago (Gosh, was it really that long ago!  Yikes!)

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