Friday, 19 August 2011

It Has Begun...

Packing, that is.

Two nights ago, we went around the house with a camcorder and did a little memory tour, and that had me quite choked up, because we had agreed to do this  before we started packing, as the house would look too sad and not itself once we start boxing things up.  When we were finished filming, we did a first pass over some of the bookcases of books we want to take with us.  (I think we are perhaps being overly optimistic so far).

But then last night we did a good couple hours of packing, going through trinkets, picking out books to give away, and it mostly just felt very business-like.

This morning, however, I've just given away two of our bookcases to a friend who's moving and now we have two large, bookcase-shaped holes in our living room.  Kind of sad again.  Ah, well, must press on.

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