Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Emptier and Emptier; Packing; In Memoriam

The house is still emptying out.  It's amazing how much stuff is in here!

I posted a bunch of furniture on Kijiji today and have had many, many responses.  Sold one piece so far and dearly hope to get rid of the rest before we are officially moved on Sunday.

As of yesterday, we are officially letting a British flat, as the 22nd is the start date for our lease (there's a story behind that, but it's too involved to get into after a long day of packing).

Poor house.  I'll be really sad when (and if) the couches are taken away.  What will we laze about on while we watch Hornblower?  What will I nap on?  (Well, I am pretty darn good at napping on the floor, come to think of it...)

I did a trial pack of my two checked baggage suitcases.  It went reasonably well, though I realized I can only take one nice woollen coat and only half my dresses and about 2/3rds of my shoes with me to Britain.  On the other hand, I haven't taken my carry-on baggage into account yet...  (And I will need to, because I'm sure I must be over the weight limit for checked bags).

And on a rather sad note, one day late, may I just say how I'm going to miss having Jack Layton in Canadian politics.  He ran the best campaign in years in the last federal election.  I hope more politicians learns from Mr. Layton's positivity and sense of civility.  We lost this man too soon.

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