Thursday, 22 September 2011

One Week

We've been in Oxford for a week now and have had a chance to mostly settle in.  The details of my mental map of the city are starting to fill in and we have enough housewares now that we can get makes meals with relative ease.

We both have bikes now (hybrids - mountain bikes don't seem nearly as popular here); mine is fitted with a rear basket, the better to grocery shop with.  I'm looking forward to being able to get down to central Oxford in 10 minutes or so.

Here's quick recap of the more interesting things we've done in the last week (I'll try to provide pictures soon, I promise!).  We've been to my college (Mansfield) and seen the gorgeous library (but not the college cat...yet), the Botanic Gardens, the Ashmolean, Blackwell's (oh, Blackwell's), the University Parks.  We've been walking by the Cherwell and the canal. 

And yesterday, we did a quick day trip out to Bath on the train.  We did the usual Bath things: the baths, the Abbey, the Circus and Royal Crescent.  We got into No. 1, Royal Crescent, which is done up to look like a proper Georgian House.  It was lovely.  It also had an exhibition of the first editions of Jane Austen's six novels, which I drooled over.  We wanted to go to the Herschel Museum, but discovered, to Tim's great dismay, that it isn't open on Wednesdays.  Alas.  (William Herschel discovered Uranus in the 1780s but originally named it after George III.  Just think, the solar system could go: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, George, Pluto.  Weird.)

Also, I had my first, informal meeting with my supervisor today.  I've decided I'd better get cracking on the intensive reading I've got planned for myself!

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