Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Countdown: 6 Days

A week from today, we will be in London, having survived our transatlantic flight.  This is absolutely crazy to think about.

Today I'm doing some preparatory errands: refilling prescriptions, depositing cheques, getting immunized.

Yes, I'm getting an MMR, since I never got my second dose of the mumps vaccine as a child.  Apparently Oxford and Oxford Brookes have both had mumps outbreaks in the last few years so I received a letter specifically encouraging me to go get immunized.  Also, it's time for my tetanus booster.  Oh goodie.  I'm not really a needles person, but, frankly, I'm sure I'm just building it up in my head.

It's the first day of classes at the University of Saskatchewan today.  Campus was crawling with students and staff when I dropped Tim off at work.  I love that campus.  I'm filled up with feelings of tenderness for it now that I no longer have an official association with it (except as an alumna) and am about to leave it.  Also, I want to go back to school!  The back-to-schoolness is heavy on the air, and yet, I must wait over a month until Michaelmas Term starts.  Alas.  Oh well, I'll have plenty to occupy me soon enough.

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