Sunday, 11 September 2011

Countdown: 2 Days

Just got back from an absolutely lovely farewell evening with friends at our favourite lounge.  Perhaps had too much to drink.  Tim is still out socializing, but I had to come back for some much needed sleep.

Also, we managed to almost destroy our little 1993 Corsica (named Napoleon) yesterday.  I had noticed the "Low Oil Level" indicator light on my way home from an outing and before taking the car out again, Tim checked the oil and noticed it was very, very low so we drove it over to Tim's parents', because his dad and brother are both very capable of topping up oil, accompanied by strange engine noises and smells, and being aware that the engine temperature in the red zone for much of the trip (yikes!).  Turns out the heating core has busted and will be a bit interesting to fix.  If we had driven our car much longer, we probably would have blown the engine.

Anyway, just we can get a good price when Tim's dad sells the car.  So, we are indeed carless, but seeing as we only have one full day left here, I think we'll be just fine.  We always wondered if our old car would die  before we left and it looks like the answer is: almost.

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