Thursday, 12 July 2012

Music of Trinity Term 2012

This is possibly a silly series to have running on a blog, but alas, I've started and I don't know how to stop.  Without further ado, music I listened to obsessively in Trinity Term 2012.

1) Lana Del Rey, "Blue Jeans".  I saw the music video for this on a random afternoon in the Mansfield MCR and for some reason, fell for it, even if it does have a rapped section.  (Not a hip hop fan, not even a little bit).  This was my soundtrack for the end of the Easter vac and the beginning of Trinity.  I will in particular always remember listening to this song the day I hopped up to London and saw the Westminster Cathedral for the first time and went to Teri Terry's book launch for Slated (a great YA dystopia, by the way, and coming out in North America next year).

2) Epica, "Storm the Sorrow".  This is the first single off Epica's new album Requiem for the Indifferent.  As always, the singles are more accessible than the rest of the album's songs, but the whole thing is really good, if you like symphonic metal...  I really hope I can see them perform live again some time in the next couple years.
3) Delain, "Get the Devil Out of Me".  This is the lead single off Delain's new album We Are the Others (which has a fantastic Steampunk/Art Deco cover).  I have found memories of writing one of my MA term papers while listening to their last album, back in 2009.  This is a great album, probably a bit harder than their previous stuff.  Another Dutch band I would love to see while I'm so close to the continent.
 4) And finally, a new Florence + The Machine song!  (This band is quickly becoming one of my absolute favourites.  I think I've even won Dad over to them, which is great because I commandeered his stereo one evening while at home and forced him to listen to my favourite tracks on the Bose 901 speakers).  "Breath of Life" is from the soundtrack for Snow White and the Huntsman, a film I don't really have any intention of seeing.  The song, however, is fantastic.  I love the choral and symphonic elements and epic quality of the sound.
And that's it.  I suppose the next edition will be "Music of the 2012 Long Vac".  Hopefully I'll find some new stuff to play while I'm writing and researching.  I've always enjoyed having music on in the background, even if I'm not actively listening to it.  I know some people can't write while listening to music, especially music with lyrics.  I tend to tune it out.  I used to sing along (probably terribly) when I lived at home but it's harder to do so when one is afraid of alienating the poor innocents in neighbouring flats.

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