Sunday, 5 February 2012

Life in Britain: The Weather Redux, or It Finally Snowed!

Well, last night, amidst weather warnings and what seemed like rather alarmist reporting on the BBC and the Guardian, it finally snowed in Oxford.  Proper snow, not just some sleet mixed in with rain.  The forecast called for 5-10 cm overall.

Despite the severe cold and snow warnings, Tim and I wandered down to Tesco to pick up some groceries.  What a lovely walk.  Nice, fluffy, wet snowflakes, no ice on the sidewalk.  The grass on people's lawns was just about covered by that time and cars were pretty well coated.  It finally felt like Christmas - in February.

And now, as I look out onto our park here, I see that in the night, someone attempted to make a snowman, but didn't quite manage to get bottom and top two segments together - shucks, and that the snow is already melting!  So sad.  On the other hand, I'm pretty sure British, or at least English, drivers will be having trouble with the icy roads (heck, the first snow in Saskatoon is always a wake up call for drivers too), so perhaps it's best if the white stuff leaves soon.

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