Thursday, 13 October 2011


I'm not a very good "joiner", as the Brits would say.  I like to have time to myself.  On the other hand, my doctoral course is so self-directed, that I've been keen to join up in a few things, in part because it's excellent training for life as an academic, and also because I like having something productive to do th at isn't my research, but really, I also like to inject some structure into my life.  So, here's what I've comitted myself to thus far.

Rowing for Mansfield College, as a total novice.  Again, I still need to pass my swim test (on Sunday) but I don't forsee any difficulties there.  I think this will be great exercise and a good chance to meet people at my college - including undergraduates!

I'm going to be part of an organizing committee for the 2012 Oxford English graduate conference.  More on that in due course (really excited to be involved, though!)

And, finally, today I stood for and was elected to the position of Library Representative for the English graduate students at Oxford (the committee has a very unfortunate acronmy - EGO).  I'm really looking forward to putting to use the skills and knowledge I gained working at the library at the U of S this past year in this liaison role.

As for coming events, I've got a place at a talk A.S. Byatt is giving in November (hosted by the research centre for the Study of Childhood) and, that same day, Tim and I are going to hear psychology professor Steven Pinker talk about his new book "The Better Angels of Our Nature" at the Sheldonian Theatre.  What are the odds two super cool authors would be speaking in town on the same day?  This would, unfortunately, never happen in Saskatoon.  Also, I think I'm heading up to London that following weekend for a one-day Bronte conference.  I shall be busy, busy, busy.

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